Gammas Coffees

Másalto means ‘higher’, and we cannot think of a better name for this blend of coffees cultivated in high regions, where arabicas thrive better than anywhere else. ‘Higher’ also refers to the fact that in every step of its production - from field to cup - the highest of standards are met. The result? An espresso with a unique flavour, that you will definitely serve with pride. Making a cup of coffee may seam like a simple task, but our passionate experts can turn a regular bar tender in a truly professional barista. At Másalto, ethical and environmental standards are not just an empty promise. This top-quality coffee is a product of the forest, harvested and roasted with care by experts according to traditional methods passed on from one generation to the next. As such, the love of coffee builds on respect for the earth and mankind. However, a cup of coffee is not complete without products like milk, sugar, biscuits, chocolate and so on... Every one of these products undergoes a thorough quality check to offer you an unforgettable coffee break. The art of fine dining also plays a key role. Every single object has been carefully selected to blend functional design with a practical service so as to take every flavour to an even higher level.

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