Gammas Spirits

Un grand choix de spiritueux

These drinks obtained via distillation, sometimes followed by maceration or infusion, made their grand entry in our regions in the Xth century. The still needed to be perfected first. The word ‘spirit’ is derived from the Latin ‘spiritus’ because they were considered the ‘spiritual essence’ of fermented drinks. Our main goal is to capture the spiritual essence. The spiritual essence of the ‘fleur de vigne’ (or vine flower) for our unique gin, of agave for our tequila, and of the Barolo wine for our grappa. For blended spirits, we seek both the spiritual essence and the body. Like those of Crème de Cassis, our blackcurrant cream from the Hautes Côtes region, right by Vougeot. Or the spiritual essence and body of the lemons of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Discover our limited, yet outstanding selection of spirits.

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