Gammas Teas

Un grand choix de thés

The fascinating world of teas originates in a single plant, the camellia sinensis. Tea varieties owe their different flavours to their origin, cultivation and treatment. As a result, careful selection and/or blending is a must. Earl Gray, for example, is a blend of Chinese black teas. The leaves are fermented until they create the signature black colour and subsequently flavoured with bergamot essence or non-fermented green tea. The result is the signature delicate flavour. Rooibos-vanilla tea is a subtle blend of the leaves of a South African shrub and the fruits of an orchid from Madagascar. The mint herbal tea takes you on a journey to the Maghreb, while the Oriental apple tea is reminiscent of Turkish flavours. Vitao has selected a range of high-quality teas, all 100% organic, to suit everyone’s tastes.

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