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Like the famous explorer whose name it has adopted, VA.S.CO (Valuable Savours Company), opens up new routes to savours and refinement. For 90 years now, our family business has been selecting and distributing high-quality products. While at first we focused exclusively on wine, throughout the years we have added other flavours to our range, including spirits, coffee, tea, waters and more, always in pursuit of pleasure and conviviality. Innovation and tradition, passion and rigour, quality and conviviality are the values upon which we have built our reputation, and which have enabled us to develop strong and reliable relationships with our partners.

In 1928 Gabriel Van Iseghem, the grandfather of the current owners, founded the company Chais du Nord, which quickly became one of the main bottling and distribution companies of wine products in Belgium. A visionary businessman and great traveller, Gabriel Van Iseghem was not satisfied with just guaranteeing the quality of his well-known wines, he also went travelling the world in search of hitherto unknown nectars. Throughout the years, the company stayed true to its family roots and the values that have made it a privileged partner of trade professionals. But it also succeeded in adapting to market changes, which in turn led to an expansion of its field of activities beyond the realm of just wines. In 2007, this development translated into the adoption of a new name: VA.S.CO, which stands for Valuable Savours Company.

Our company has a long tradition of excellence that we forged in the world of wines, where grand crus are the fruit of a savoir-faire nourished with passion and rigorousness. A heritage we are proud to claim as our own. But there is more... VA.S.CO is also an explorer travelling the world tirelessly in search of infinite riches. As a result, we have a long pioneering history of importing wines from all over the world, with signature, recognisable flavours. This revolutionary search for outstanding flavours is what lies behind the decision to extend our product range to coffees, waters and more.

All our activities are underpinned by a desire to provide our exacting clients with total satisfaction because they are experts in the arts of pleasure and conviviality. After all, the quality of flavours grows in intensity when shared. We truly believe this and we are committed to it in everything we undertake. Our ambassadors work tirelessly to offer our clients a customised service and through our top-notch logistics we are able to guarantee a rapid and flexible service. Thanks to the excellent know-how of our suppliers, we are able to commit ourselves 100% to guaranteeing the constant, irreproachable quality of all our products. After all, sharing quality is also about highlighting the roots of our products, which largely determine their flavours. This is an aspect of our profession that enables us to enhance and promote the privileged relationships we have with our partners.

Premium Mixers

Gamma Wines

Every year, 267 million hectolitres of wine are produced worldwide. Our expert team offer you a varied selection of wines from all over the globe. Our offer changes constantly, because we never stop looking for perfection, with particular emphasis on organic and environmentally-friendly products. Our extensive offer includes well-balanced wines, from simple, everyday wines to more rare and exclusive gems and internationally acclaimed brands from independent estates, some well-known, others all yours to discover. Our range would ...

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Gamma Wines Gamma Wines

Gamma Waters

All our waters boast an excellent reputation dating back hundreds of years. They are known for their purity, specific flavour, and digestive or purifying properties, and are often linked to the baths of the same name. Undeniably, all these high-quality spring waters discreetly and elegantly accompany the best of meals. In Italy, we source a water that has been purified for years by winding its way through the Apennines all the way to the coastal town of ...

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Gamma waters Gamma waters

Gamma Coffees

Másalto means ‘higher’, and we cannot think of a better name for this blend of coffees cultivated in high regions, where arabicas thrive better than anywhere else. ‘Higher’ also refers to the fact that in every step of its production - from field to cup - the highest of standards are met. The result? An espresso with a unique flavour, that you will definitely serve with pride. Making a cup of coffee may seam like ...

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Gamma Coffees Gamma Coffees

Gamma Oils

In Liguria, the region that lies between Nice and Savona, we found the creator of an authentic, intense taste experience characterised by light aromas and delicate flavours. Just like us, this producer values the authenticity and refinement of everyday life. The result? Olive oil with a genuine, unmistakable flavour. You can taste the extensive know-how of this exceptional producer in the perfect balance between craftsmanship and technique, contemporary style and local traditions, simplicity and ingenuity. ...

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Gamma Oils Gamma Oils

Gamma Spirits

These drinks obtained via distillation, sometimes followed by maceration or infusion, made their grand entry in our regions in the Xth century. The still needed to be perfected first. The word ‘spirit’ is derived from the Latin ‘spiritus’ because they were considered the ‘spiritual essence’ of fermented drinks. Our main goal is to capture the spiritual essence. The spiritual essence of the ‘fleur de vigne’ (or vine flower) for our unique gin, of agave for ...

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Gamma Spirits Gamma Spirits

Gamma Aperitifs

These aromatised wines were born in a bid not to limit grapes to mere table fruits or the basic ingredients of wine. In line with market trends and demands - a lower alcohol content, less sugar, light aromas, elegant, natural products, organic ingredients and a youthful touch - VA.S.CO developed Frizzo, with a base of elderberry flowers. Another trend? Traditional vermouths, which are becoming increasingly popular. They’ve once again earned their place in the spotlight ...

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Gamma Aperitifs Gamma Aperitifs

Gamma Premium Mixers

Coming soon.

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Gamma Softs Gamma Softs

Gamma Teas

The fascinating world of teas originates in a single plant, the camellia sinensis. Tea varieties owe their different flavours to their origin, cultivation and treatment. As a result, careful selection and/or blending is a must. Earl Gray, for example, is a blend of Chinese black teas. The leaves are fermented until they create the signature black colour and subsequently flavoured with bergamot essence or non-fermented green tea. The result is the signature delicate flavour. Rooibos-vanilla ...

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Gamma Teas Gamma Teas


Scoop chez Estandon

Onze Estandon "Héritage" 2019, Côtes-de-Provence heeft net een gouden medaille bij de Vinalies d’Or in Parijs 2020 gewonnen. – de 75 cl-fles wordt nu met schroefdop afgesloten.
Nieuw : Het gamme verrijkt zich met l’Impression, Côtes-de-Provence Sainte-Victoire,ook MO bij de Vinalies en l’Insolence d'Estandon, IGP Méditerranée, gevinifieerd bij Estandon te Brignoles in 75 cl magnum en Jeroboam-fles..


Après avoir repris le contrôle du Champagne Taittinger en 2006 et selon le calendrier qu’il s’était fixé à l’époque, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger a décidé de confier l’avenir de l’entreprise familiale à la génération suivante. Vitalie Taittinger deviendra Présidente du Champagne Taittinger à la suite de son père dont le mandat prendra fin le 31 décembre 2019.
Ceci intervient peu de temps après la passation de la gestion de l'empire Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) que le Baron Eric a confié a sa fille Saskia.

Top of The Pink Wine Pyramid!

20/06/2019: The Drinks Business Global Rosé Masters qui rassemble les plus grands spécialistes du secteur viens de discerner les meilleures places au Château d’Esclans : Garrus, Les Clans and Rock Angel ainsi qu’une médaille d’or pour le Whispering Angel.

Most admirated Brands by Vasco

22/03/2019: On Sunday 17 March Drinks International hosted the first awards ceremony for The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands at Prowein, Dussledorf where representatives from the 50 selected brands were invited to attend.
Top Brands from us: Villa Maria, nr 3 is climbing 5 places, Errazuriz nr 9 climbing 4 places and end Jean-Marc Brocard entering the ranking.

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