Gammas Waters

Un grand choix d'eaux

All our waters boast an excellent reputation dating back hundreds of years. They are known for their purity, specific flavour, and digestive or purifying properties, and are often linked to the baths of the same name. Undeniably, all these high-quality spring waters discreetly and elegantly accompany the best of meals. In Italy, we source a water that has been purified for years by winding its way through the Apennines all the way to the coastal town of Rimini. For a long time, it was only accessible to the privileged few, but nowadays, people all over the world are able to enjoy its digestive virtues. In France, the naturally sparkling water of Chateldon, which used to be sourced from Puy de Dôme for Louis XIV, boasts a unique mineral flavour. In Haute-Savoie, Thonon is known for its virtually unheard of pure, neutral taste. Discover our exclusive range of waters. You won't be disappointed.

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